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Does Your Pet Meals Include Avian Flu Contaminated Poultry? – Fact about Pet Meals

The Facilities for Illness Management (CDC) is reporting that 34 US states have seen outbreaks of avian flu in poultry flocks. Since this outbreak started in January 2022 (as of Might 9, 2022) greater than 37 million birds within the US have been killed (termed as depopulated) because of the virus. The massive questions for pet homeowners: how are these thousands and thousands of poultry carcasses disposed of? Will they find yourself in pet meals?

The USDA has a doc particular to the depopulation of avian flu poultry and the disposal of these birds. The USDA permits avian flu poultry to be disposed of by “composting, burial, incineration, rendering, and landfilling“, and states that “relying on the scenario” all the obtainable disposal choices can be used. This implies—with certainty—among the depopulated avian influenza poultry will find yourself as rendered elements in pet meals.

The USDA doc explains the rendering depopulation technique as: “This entails processing carcasses till they’re diminished to water, fats or tallow, and meat or bone meal.” This tells us that the avian flu depopulated poultry will turn out to be the generally used pet meals elements rooster meal, turkey meal, rooster by-product meal, turkey by-product meal, and rooster fats.

The FDA does NOT require pet meals producers to reveal if any ingredient was sourced from avian flu depopulated poultry.

May rendered elements be contaminated with avian flu? Completely sure. The objective of any warmth step reminiscent of rendering is to destroy all pathogens. As many pathogenic micro organism pet meals remembers proof, pathogens usually survive the rendering of elements and/or the pet meals cooking course of. Particular to avian flu and rendered elements, the USDA states rendering sick birds “could be very efficient however requires added security precautions to ensure the virus doesn’t turn out to be aerosolized and dispersed all through the rendering plant.” One mistake, one lax security precaution might end result within the virus being unfold to thousands and thousands/billions of kilos of rendered elements.

Canine and cats are inclined to avian influenza, nonetheless cats seem like extra inclined. The New York Well being Division said: “In 2016, over 100 cats and one individual in NYC examined constructive for a low pathogenic avian influenza generally known as H7N2.” The present outbreak of avian influenza is taken into account “extremely pathogenic“.

The opposite problem of concern is how avian flu contaminated flocks of poultry are depopulated, and would depopulation strategies be a threat in rendered elements? The USDA doc (linked above) states that the widespread strategies “to depopulate HPAI-affected flocks: water-based foam for floor-raised birds and carbon dioxide gasoline for caged birds.” No authority (FDA or USDA) supplies assurances to pet homeowners that foam killed or carbon dioxide killed flu contaminated birds are secure for pets to eat.

Pet homeowners are caught in the course of authorities company jurisdiction. The USDA has jurisdiction over the depopulation strategies, the sick birds and the rendering services that might course of the sick poultry. However the USDA has no jurisdiction over the pet meals elements which are produced by the rendering course of. All pet meals elements fall into FDA jurisdiction.

In different phrases, the chance to pets consuming depopulated avian flu contaminated poultry shouldn’t be thought-about by USDA. USDA can resolve how greatest to depopulate 37+ million of poultry giving (hopefully) some respect to finish of life for the poultry—however they make these choices with out one concern to the pet edible product (allowed by FDA) produced via depopulation. On the opposite aspect of issues, the FDA permits these elements for use in pet meals with no regulatory ‘say’ in secure for pets to eat strategies for depopulation. Are these elements secure? We don’t know. However we do know that no authority is offering pet homeowners with assurances that the sick birds or the depopulation strategies lead to secure for pets to eat elements.

Now we have despatched inquiries to FDA Middle for Veterinary Medication asking if FDA has instantly allowed rendered depopulated avian flu birds into pet meals and we requested if FDA believes pet homeowners must be knowledgeable what they’re buying (with a disclosure on the label). We don’t count on to listen to again from FDA CVM anytime quickly, it usually takes months for them to answer our questions.

Waste—such because the rendered carcasses of froth or carbon dioxide depopulated avian flu contaminated poultry, 37 million carcasses—is an unpleasant fact of pet meals. An unsightly fact that no one in every of authority desires to speak about.

However…it HAS TO BE publicly mentioned and disclosed on pet meals labels (if they’re going to proceed to permit waste to be disposed of into pet meals). To maintain this ugly fact silent, is deceiving thousands and thousands of pet homeowners and doubtlessly placing thousands and thousands of pets in danger.

Please ship a message to FDA Middle for Veterinary Medication, asking them if they’re permitting rendered avian flu contaminated depopulated poultry to be processed into pet meals. Ask them for FDA assurance that the sick birds and the depopulation strategies used are secure for pets to eat. Ask them to problem a public assertion alerting pet homeowners that depopulated avian flu contaminated poultry are being processed into pet meals, and to publicly present scientific proof these rendered elements are secure for pets to eat. E-mail FDA CVM at:

In case your pet’s meals or deal with incorporates the elements rooster meal, turkey meal, rooster by-product meal, turkey by-product meal, poultry fats or rooster fats – ask the producer for a written assure the ingredient shouldn’t be sourced from avian flu depopulated poultry.

Wishing you and your pet one of the best –

Susan Thixton
Pet Meals Security Advocate
Affiliation for Fact in Pet Meals

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