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hygger Aquarium Double Sponge Filter, Comes with 2 Spare Sponges, 1 Bag of Bio Ceramic Media Balls, Quiet Submersible Foam Filter for Fresh Water and Salt-Water Fish Tank


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Product Description


Hygger dual sponges aquarium filter is for small, medium and large size fish tank use, as additional bio filtration to your aquarium.

Let your main filter operate as well as this filter will make your aquarium water more clear and better quality.

sponge filtersponge filter

Hygger is a brand focus on providing high quality aquarium supplies for fish tank starters or experienced people, hobbyist or professional. PRODUCTS: air stone kits, air pump, wave makers, aquarium filters, aquarium lights, aquarium heaters, resin decor.

aquarium filteraquarium filter

Make your fish happy & aquarium water crystal clear

As we all know, cloudy tank is common due to tank tiny creatures recycle. Healthy tank tiny creatures recycle will make the aquarium water more clear and in good quality, which in turns to make your little fish, shrimp and other aquarium pets live a healthy and happy life.

This bio sponge filter will help beneficial nitrifying tiny creatures to live and grow. Which in turns to break ammonia down to nitrites and nitrites down to nitrates. The aquarium filter working isn’t something that is really visible.

Other features of this sponge filters:

With 2 strong suction cups to keep the filter stay in place.
Filter parts are detachable, easy to install (image 5 show the steps).
Comes with a bag of ceramic media balls.
2 filter media containers, can put other kind of medias inside.
Can be used in fresh water tank and salt water tank.
Can be run by most air pump (large than 5W).

midea ballsmidea balls

Bio ceramic midea balls

Media balls provide a surface for bioload where helpful tiny creatures can live quickly. The filter package includes a small bag of ceramic midea balls. 0.25lbs for small size, 0.27lbs for medium size.

You can also replace this ceramic media with other medias like carbon, ammonia absorbers, etc…everything you can do to keep your water sparkling clean is a benefit to your aquatic pets and plants.

Suggest to replace the ceramic media balls every 6 months or when you find its water permeability truns poor. It’s very easy to buy more ceramic media balls on amazon.

sponge filterssponge filters

60ppi Fine sponges- home for nitro tiny creatures

The sponge we used is very fine, with ultra strong water absorption, will give much more surface area for beneficial tiny creatures to live on. Nitro tiny creatures must be attached to a fixed surface to form a biological layer before nitrogen cycle can take place.

2 spare sponges

The package includes 2 spare sponges. Please note when you take them out of containers, they may look badly packed and out of shape, don’t worry, just put them aside, the sponges will gradually get back to they original shape, or you can submerge them in water to help that.

How long should I replace the sponge?

Replace the sponge once every three to six month or when the sponge gets worn out. It’s better to replace them one by one, interval could be 2 week or more.


aquarium filter

aquarium filter

sponge filter

sponge filter

aquarium filters

aquarium filters

Water outlet adjustable

The air water outlet tube is telescopic, can be adjusted above the water line or below, and it’s 360 degree rotatable.

When water outlet is under water, it will add more air into water and make small water flow, bubbles will come out into water, just like the air stone does.

When the outlet is above waterline, a small stream of water will come out from the tube, may make some water noise.

Directions for use

For new tank, your water might be cycling. Don’t add a lot of fish right away and wait it out.
An established tank (been up and running with fish in it for at least a month or two) running your old filter along with the this one until it has a chance to have beneficial tiny creatures.
Before place the midea balls into the containers, please wash the balls with clean water. And wash the sponges before using.
Need an aquarium air pump and airline hose (4mm) to run this filter.

Cleaning method

Clean one of the two sponges once a month or so. You can remove the sponge to clean or replace it. It slides off easily when you pull up on it.
Wash the filter with aquarium water, don’t use the tap water, or it may destroy the healthy tiny creatures recycle.
Rinse and squeeze repetitively at least 5 to 10 times till you see no more dirty water coming out of the sponge. Repeat for 2 to 3 more days till aquarium has crystal clear water.

Product Dimensions‏:‎6.3 x 2.1 x 9 inches; 12.63 Ounces
Date First Available‏:‎May 6, 2019

【Filter Demension】plus the sponge filter with media balls takes up no more room. Small filter is 6″ in width and 9″ to 13.” in height, the sponge inside circle diameter is 0.39 inch, suggest for 10 to 40 gallon fish tank. Medium filter is 6.3″ in width and 9′ to 13 in height, the sponge inside circle diameter is 0.59 inch, suggest for 15 to 55 gallon fish tank. For larger tank you may need 2 of this filter
【Package Includes】1 double sponge filter with 2 containers +1 bag of ceramic media balls + 2 pare sponges(packed in the 2 containers). This aquarium filter must be used with an air pupm and a standard size 4mm air hose, please note pump and air hose are not included. Please choose a powerful enough air pump according to your fish tank size for this filter
【Detachable Fine Sponges 】you can easy to take down the 2 sponges from the filter to clean or replace it, the 2 sponges are fine 60ppi not coarse, which means more surface area for beneficial little creatures to live on. Don’t use tap water to clean it, just rinse or squeeze the sponges by using the aquarium water
【Easy to use】all the parts of this filter are detachable, you can easily to assemble them together, with 2 strong suction cups you can stick the filter firmly to any tank position under water, withouting floating. The water oulet tube can be extended and rotated, you can adjust the outlet to above or below the waterline

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hygger Aquarium Double Sponge Filter, Comes with 2 Spare Sponges, 1 Bag of Bio Ceramic Media Balls, Quiet Submersible Foam Filter for Fresh Water and Salt-Water Fish Tank


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