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hygger LCD Control Automatic Pond Fish Feeder, Capacity 5.5L, DC 12V


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Product Description

pond fish feederpond fish feeder

hygger automatic large capacity pond fish feeder

hygger LCD control automatic pond fish feeder is specially designed for outdoor use, with good waterproof design, it can be installed beside the pond. It will run as what you set, automatically feed fish on time every day. This fish feeder is reliable to use, the capacity of the feeder container is up to 5.5L, can hold 5 pounds of fish food at most, you will no need to worry about your fish starving when you go out for vacation or for work.

Features of this pond fish auto feeder:

The controller has memory function, it will remember your last settings if the power shut off, run as what you set before when power comes on.
The LCD screen displays the next feeding time.
The fish feeder comes with 2 sizes of metering screw stems, you can decide to use small portion or large portion for 1 feeding quantity.
You can only set the feeding time on the hour, such as 7 o’clock.
6 feeding times can be set at most for each day, 9 quantities of portion at most can be set for each feeding time.
For every auto feeding quantity, the screw stem will rotate for 8 seconds when it reaches the set feeding time.
Hand feeding at any time, just click the “HAND FEED” button on the controller, the feeding time will last for 30 seconds.
The fish feed container with a lid, it’s easy to assemble on and off.

pond feederpond feeder

Set the controller time to the local time

Before set the feeding time and feeding quantity, you need to calibrate the time to your local current time, it can be set to minutes.

How to set it to the local time?

Press the buttons in turn: CLOCK- SET UP-CLOCK (press many times to choose the hour from 1 to 24)-TIMING(press many times to choose minutes from 1 to 59)-OK(press OK to finish the setting).

fish feederfish feeder

Large and small auger

The pond feeder comes with 2 sizes of metering screw stems (Auger), the large one is used for large portion feeding, the small one is used for small portion feeding.

Please note that the auger will rotate for 8 seconds for each quantity feeding.

If you want the large auger to distribute less fish food, you can use black tape to twine the stems.

LCD Display Controller

automatic feeder

automatic feeder



fish pond feeder

fish pond feeder

Set buttons on the controller

There are 6 buttons on the controller:

CLOCK–check the current time, set the hour
TIMING–check the feeding time, set the minute
QUANTITY-check the feeding quantity
HAND FEED–one click feeding by hand
OK–to confirm time or quantity setting has been finished
SET UP- to go into setting model

How to set the feed times

Set the feeding time:

6 feeding times at most, round hour, incremental.

Press the buttons as below:

TIMING-SET UP-TIMING (select from 1 to 24)-SET UP-TIMING(select from 1 to 24)-SET UP-TIMING (select from 1 to 24)…-OK

How to set the feed quantities

Set the feeding quantity for each feeding time, 1 quantity = the screw stem rotate for 8 seconds.

Press the buttons as below:

QUANTITY-SET UP-QUANTITY (select from 1 to 9)-SET UP- QUANTITY ((select from 1 to 9)-SET UP-QUANTITY (select from 1 to 9)…-OK

feeder automaticfeeder automatic

Directions for use

Please don’t submerge the fish feeder under water.
Please install the feeder base on a hard flat ground, use a drill to drive 4 screws into the ground.
Before you changing the screw stem, please make sure the food container is empty and the feeder is unplug
The indicator light on the controller will keep on when the feeder is in hand feeding or auto feeding, it will flicker when feeder is not in feeding model.
The fish food you put into the feeder should not weight over 5 pounds.
Don’t put your hand inside the fish food container.
If you want to stop the auto feeding, please press “OK” button.

Package Dimensions‏:‎15.59 x 7.64 x 6.61 inches; 5 Pounds
Date First Available‏:‎July 7, 2020

【Auto Feeding On Time】the fish feeder support one click hand feeding at any time. Besides, you can set the feeding time and feed quantity to make it automatically feed fish on time for each day. Each day, you can set 6 feeding times at most, and for each feeding time you can set 9 feeding quantities at most. Please note that the feeding time can only be set on the hour,such as 7 o’clock. The feeder has memory function in case of power down
【Waterproof Design】the whole feeder includes the food container which is waterproof design, the container with a thick lid is made of durable plastic, it will keep the fish food dry even in a raining days, so you can install the fish feeder by the side of pond outdoors. The controller is not completel waterproof, you may need add a shelter to it all use a plastic bag to cover it. Please don’t submerge the feeder in water and don’t wash the container with water.
【2 Screw Stem Available】the fish feeder comes with 2 sizes of metering screw stems, the narrow one is for small portion feeding, the wide one is for large portion feeding. Please note that for each feeding quantity, the screw stem will rotate for 8 seconds, the small auger will dispense 25 to 30 grams of fish food, the large auger will dispense about 90 grams of fish food
【LCD Display Controller】the controller will display the next feeding time. Before set the feeding time and quantity, you should firstly set the controller time to your local time, can be set to minutes. Then you set the feeding times (1 to 24) for each day, then you set the feeding quantities (1 to 9) for each feeding time. The power cord to the controller is 16ft, the controller cord to the feeder is 1.6ft

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hygger LCD Control Automatic Pond Fish Feeder, Capacity 5.5L, DC 12V


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