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Uncommon (However Typical) FDA Warning Letter To A Uncooked Pet Meals – Reality about Pet Meals

The FDA issued a Warning Letter to OC Uncooked Pet Meals on February 23, 2022. Some very unusual issues had been included and never included within the FDA warning. And…the warning itself seems to be minor points that don’t appear to warrant an official Warning Letter.

Transparency discover: OC Uncooked pet meals is a model that’s included on the 2022 Checklist. This FDA Warning Letter doesn’t change my private opinion on the model, it stays a model I’d belief to offer my very own pets. I’ve spoken with OC Uncooked, and realized a couple of different issues not talked about within the FDA letter.

The primary unusual difficulty of the Warning Letter was FDA stating they inspected this very small pet meals plant “from April 16, 2021 by Could 26, 2021“. If the FDA was not engaged on weekends, this implies the FDA was inspecting this uncooked pet meals producer for 29 days. However…OC Uncooked advised me the FDA was at their plant from “March 31, 2021 by Could 26, 2021” – a complete of 41 enterprise days.

OC Uncooked is a really small producer. By comparability – beneath are Google Earth pictures of the OC Uncooked plant subsequent to the Hill’s plant that was chargeable for manufacturing the surplus vitamin D pet meals recalled in early 2019.

And as comparability, the FDA carried out an inspection on the above Hill’s manufacturing facility after their lethal extra vitamin D recall from “February 1 by February 19, 2019 and March 25 by 27, 2019” – solely 16 days in complete.

Why did FDA spend a lot time – nearly triple the times at a uncooked pet meals plant than it did at a feed grade pet meals plant chargeable for critical sicknesses and deaths of pets?

The subsequent very unusual factor on this Warning Letter is that this quote:

This inspection was carried out in response to a Class I recall initiated on (b)(4) of (b)(4), lot quantity (b)(4), as a result of presence of Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes (L. mono) detected by the (b)(4).”

FDA redacted the recall dates on this warning. Why? Recall notices are required to be public info. Usually solely non-public firm info is redacted by FDA.

To check to typical FDA Warning Letters, the company included the recall date within the Hill’s Warning Letter linked above and FDA included the recall date within the Midwestern Pet Meals Warning Letter.

So why did the FDA redact the recall date within the OC Uncooked Warning Letter? The rationale may very well be the recall from OC Uncooked FDA referenced within the Warning Letter occurred nearly 4 years in the past – April 2018.

The subsequent difficulty is: this warning letter additionally factors out that FDA carried out “100 (100)” swabs within the manufacturing space for “environmental pathogens“. OC Uncooked advised me the FDA took “180 swabs“.

The FDA warning acknowledged they discovered “Listeria innocua” in a number of samples and “Listeria grayii” in a number of samples. Regardless that the FDA made a giant deal of those two “environmental pathogens” – they’re really non-pathogenic micro organism. Analysis discovered on states “Listeria innocua, essentially the most generally remoted specie is non-pathogenic as can be usually true for L. welshimeri, L. grayi, L. marthii, and L. rocourtiae.”

Why did the FDA take difficulty with a non-pathogenic micro organism? Was it mandatory for FDA to even point out non-pathogenic micro organism or was FDA attempting to make one other uncooked pet meals look dangerous understanding that almost all pet homeowners wouldn’t know these had been non-pathogenic micro organism? Was their intent to scare pet homeowners?

Private opinion: Maybe it’s my dangerous perspective in direction of FDA’s selective enforcement of regulation speaking, however this warning letter gave the impression to be FDA greedy at straws – looking for one thing…something they might to attract unfavorable consideration to this pet meals producer. To carry out a 41 day inspection at a tiny manufacturing plant that’s chargeable for no pet deaths, whereas solely spending 16 days at a big Hill’s plant that was chargeable for a whole bunch of pet deaths is blatantly biased. To categorise non-pathogenic micro organism as “environmental pathogens“, to redact recall dates confirms FDA bias in opposition to uncooked pet meals.

I encourage all pet homeowners – regardless to what model of pet meals you present your pet – to demand FDA cease their selective enforcement of regulation. Pet meals ought to be regulated uniformly throughout all kinds. FDA’s bias in opposition to uncooked pet meals and FDA’s free move to many feed grade pet merchandise should cease. Please e-mail the company at:

Wishing you and your pet the very best –

Susan Thixton
Pet Meals Security Advocate
Affiliation for Reality in Pet Meals

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