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Waste is Disposed of in Pet Meals in Canada Too – Fact about Pet Meals

Hundreds of livestock animals drown within the November 2021 flooding in British Columbia Canada. Alerted by a involved pet proprietor, we’ve realized that at the very least 250,000 kilos of drown (decomposing) hog carcasses had been rendered into pet meals/animal feed components by West Coast Rendering Vancouver (see video at 1:13

Beneath is a Google Earth picture of the West Coast Rendering plant in Vancouver – with their (assumed) firm motto on a storage bin enlarged.

  • Pet house owners in Canada will NOT learn if their pet’s meals accommodates components sourced from these drowned, decomposing animal carcasses.
  • Pet house owners gained’t be instructed if these pet meals/animal feed components sourced from drowned, decomposing animal carcasses can be utilized in Canadian manufactured pet meals or if the components can be shipped to the US for use in US manufactured pet meals.

Why is “Nothing Left Behind” however nothing is disclosed to pet house owners? All pet house owners – anyplace on this planet – should know if their pet’s meals accommodates components sourced from rendered decomposing animal carcasses or diseased animal carcasses.

Hundreds of extra kilos of drown livestock can be composted for soil components in line with a information story within the CBC.

The query is – why isn’t all materials from decomposing animal carcasses composted INSTEAD of secretly disposed of in pet meals/animal feed?

Wishing you and your pet the very best –

Susan Thixton
Pet Meals Security Advocate
Affiliation for Fact in Pet Meals

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